Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Eight things the Gilmore Girls taught me

I'm not sure you could call each time I watch Gilmore Girls again a "rewatch", because in reality my entire life is just one big Gilmore Girls rewatch. You could say though, that I've learned a lot from Lorelai and Rory over the years. For instance....

1// Our hearts can make us do stupid things. It's okay. Learn from it.


2// In the case of failure, you can marry rich. At least there's options.


3// You must always have enough coffee in your system to keep your limbs working. Otherwise, there could be some serious consequences.


4// Never underestimate the power of friendship. Sometimes the most unlikely person can become one of your best friends.


5// We're living in an underrated punk pop star's world. This is a complicated life, after all. 


6// It's okay to not be okay. Life gets messy and sometimes you just gotta fall down. You also gotta pick yourself back up.


7// Boys got ya down? There's plenty of Chinese food to go around. Bonus: It never forgets to call you.


8// Never be ashamed of needing your mom. She is, after all, the very best friend a girl could have.


Where you lead, I will follow...


  1. I love this! Gilmore Girls is and always will be my favorite show!! So glad you posted about them <3



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