Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Previously on Pretty Little Liars... Charlotte's Web


This week's PLL began the questions of "who killed Charlotte?" (I thought maybe the title meant we would get a peek into Charlotte's world leading up to her murder but...)

Anyway, jumping right into my thousand thoughts:

+ We met Aria's Liam and Hanna's Jordan and while Liam's not bad, I'm not feeling Jordan yet. Like, how blah can you be? And the cute accent can't even make up for it.

+ Speaking of loves, I still don't know what's going on with Caleb & Spencer. Did they have a thing? They look like they had a thing.

+ "No writer is ever in a good place, Aria." TRUTH.

+ WHAT is wrong with Emily? What is she getting treatments for? I thought it would be revealed by the end of the episode but once again I was left with more questions.

+ Last question: Why is Sara Harvey relevant? What's she planning.....

OKAY tell me your thoughts/ opinions/ rants.... go!

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