Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Clean Out Your Closet & Stay Sane

Cleaning out your closet is one of those things that needs to be done every once in awhile, but it's a tedious task that you'd rather put off. BUT I've found that the more times I clean it out, the more I've found a little system & rhythm to make it at least semi- enjoyable!

Break It Up
If you just go in blind, you'll end up being super overwhelmed & won't know which way is up. Instead, you should start one chunk at a time.

Take a handful of clothes out, lay them on your bed, & go through the items one by one. & repeat!

Be Tough
Any pieces that are the old 'eeh I haven't worn this in a year but I'll start now!' or 'this came from xx, so I'll keep it even though I'll never wear it' bits need to GO. Be tough with yourself & genuinely ask yourself if you still love it & you will wear it, more than once or twice.

If the answer's no, or there's any sort of hesitation, LET IT GO!

Be A Stylist
Once you've picked what you're keeping, find other items in your closet to pair them with. You'd be surprised at how many different combinations of things you can come up with!

You'll end up coming out of the clean out feeling refreshed, & like you've gotten new clothes to work with.

Obviously this system can be revised to fit your needs, but I've found it works well for me, & I STAY SANE, which is most important, no?

Do you absolutely dread when it comes time to do a clean out, or do you go full-steam ahead? What's your method?



Monday, September 18, 2017

monday style 4

It's been a LOOONG hot sec since I've featured a monday style post, & since I was just introduced to the sweatshirt/ long skirt situation via pinterest, I figured now's the perfect time!

But really, how chic is this combo? You can't get any more carrie bradshaw than a good tulle skirt, & paired with a sweatshirt tied at the waist gives it an elongated situation. Popping on a pair of heels puts some eloquence into the look, yes? 

I've been SUPER into the Gucci leather disco bag, but I can't get over the price tag. A bag like the Dorothy Perkins, however, is a sort-of-dupe that still looks pretty & makes the look street-chic. 

I'm thinking I'm going to have to try this out in real life & maybe turn it into a post... 

How about you? Would you rock these pieces together? 



Friday, September 15, 2017

Overalls And Bell Sleeves

There's a reason why bloggers everywhere obsess over autumn. It's the start of a new season, a fresh start, & everything feels lighter. Crisper. 

At least, that's what I think. Tell me if I'm wrong? 

I feel like there are at least three key things that make autumn superior, and why I get SO EXCITED for its impending arrival:

 1// The Coziness
To me, there is nothing better than a crisp autumn day, complete with a pumpkin candle, warm blanket, & a good book or tv show. We all need slowness in our life sometimes, and what better way?

2// The Fashion
As much as I love my off the shoulder dresses & sandals, we must admit that autumn dressing is just superior. From booties to knitwear & floppy hats, it's all so gorgeous & fun to put together. (if you fancy a look at some of my current wardrobe picks for the season, click here)

3// The Smells
Specifically, candle smells. Notes of pumpkin, apple, & all the yummy smells we associate with autumn flow through the air & everything feels a bit... warmer. Not to mention the smell of your mom's house on Thanksgiving.....

What are your favorite things about the season?



Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Is Dry Brushing Worth It?

A skincare method known as dry brushing has been circulating through the blog & beauty world for some time now. If done effectively, it's supposed to drain toxins in your body by stimulating the lymphatic system, all while reducing cellulite & unclogging pores.


But does it work?

To test things out, I started incorporating brushing into my nightly routine. It's best to do it every single day (some even say twice a day) but I do it at least once every other day. 

I brush starting at my feet and moving in an upwards motion towards my heart. (always brush towards your heart) 

Once my entire body is done, I like to hop in the shower & alternate between the hottest & coldest temperature I can handle. This stimulates blood flow, plus it's just a good relaxer!

After about a month of practicing this method, I wanted to see a difference. I wanted to feel better & see improvements in my lymphatic system. But, so far, I haven't noticed anything significant. I'm known for being a tad impatient, so maybe I just need to give it some more time.

That being said, though I haven't put the WDAC stamp of approval on it, I'm not saying you shouldn't try it. It seems to be one of those wellness rituals that you have to try for yourself to see if it works for you.

I think I'll keep the routine up for another month & see what happens? 

If you've had success with dry brushing, tell me about it!



Monday, September 11, 2017

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

Each year the first signs of autumn include a few sure things: cooler temperatures, dark lips, & PUMPKIN SPICE. It's a staple, no? But the price of an every day coffee shop stop adds up to... not pretty.

BUT, there is hope: thanks to pinterest there are HUNDREDS of recipes to choose from so you can make your own PSL.

I found this recipe & knew I must try immediately. I made some alterations: I didn't do whip on top (for normal PSL I prefer it but for some reason I'm not a fan if I'm making it myself) & I found that 2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree is.. a bit strong, so I opt for one TB, but you could even do less!

1½ tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon pumpkin puree
½ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
4 oz brewed coffee
½ cup milk

1// Add in all your ingredients in a saucepan 
2// Stir and bring to a simmer
3// Take the pan off heat once simmered and pour into mug
4// Add whipped cream & a sprinkle more of pumpkin pie spice, if you desire!

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

HOW SIMPLE is that?

Do you prefer SB or homemade seasonal drinks? 

Homemade PSL



Friday, September 8, 2017

The Overalls Edit

Overalls have become a sort of kae staple over the past couple of years. When they first came back a few years ago, I was veeery hesitant. Why do we need that trend back? I quickly came around, however, & I've never looked back.

I think what makes them so great is they are kind of the ultimate 'didn't really try but still looks effortlessly chic' outfit. You can wear literally anything underneath them, depending on the seasons. Off the shoulder tops are a great transitional piece, as well as bodysuits, bell sleeve tops... the list goes on!

A little striped tee + overalls is a classic combo you can never go wrong with, either.

Take a look at some of my overall picks, plus tell me what your fave overall pairings are!



Wednesday, September 6, 2017

When You Don't Feel Good Enough
I'm currently in the middle of a breakup.

Okay, so technically it's not me that's in the middle of it, but one of my friends is & that's basically the same thing, right? You go through the heartbreak with them, your heart breaking in the process. & the worst part is, you can't fix it, nor can you fix the unsettling feeling of not being good enough.

For the sake of this article, let's call my friend Jane. Jane is one of those rare truly genuine friends you couldn't have picked better if you'd tried. She's smart, strong, and kind, but one strike of a match is all it took for her to feel lesser, small.

Jane is just one woman out of thousands upon thousands who are trapped in 'not good enough' land.

Women are conditioned to let others (especially men) make them feel small. We shrink ourselves until we're no longer the confident, loud, carefree women we came to know and instead a hollowed out shell of that girl. Pavlov told us how difficult it is to become unconditioned to something, which could explain the struggles we face in figuring out who we are and how to not be silenced. As simple as not caring what other people think sounds, it's virtually impossible.

But why?

Everywhere we turn we are bombarded with images of 'the perfect woman.' Long, perfect strands straight out of a shampoo commercial, impossibly thin, perfectly tanned (but still usually white) skin. That has become the standard of beauty & perfection. As if that wasn't enough, we've got the world telling us that nothing we do will be good enough and we will never be equal. It's no wonder we become untrusting and inesecure, these feelings potentially ruining any chance of healthy relationships and even friendships.

It has to stop.

If you've come for the answers on HOW to stop it, you've come to the wrong place. I wish I knew. I thought maybe it would magically come to me as my fingers strummed the keyboard, but I'm just as clueless as I was when I started this post. 'SO WHAT'S THE POINT, KAELEEN?' you ask.

I think the point is that sometimes all we've got is each other, and we should let each other know. We are good enough.

And on the occasions the only one we have is ourselves, still be kind. Tell yourself the things you tell your closest friends. Because babe, you aren't a knockoff.

You're the real thing, worth diamonds & all the finest rosé.



Monday, September 4, 2017


Autumn Buys Under $60
Autumn Buys Under $60

I for one am very glad to see the crushed velvet trend staying around this fall. There's something so chic about it, especially paired with a good boot

Sweaters are of course an autumn staple in every language, and what's even better than normal sweaters? GRAPHIC sweaters. I'm especially into the Actually I Can  situation. I need it in my closet like, yesterday.

Which picks are your fave?


Friday, September 1, 2017

It's September & your fave shows are coming BACK! I'm ready. Are you ready? To gear up (because we're all adults here & if spending an entire day in bed with a show is what we wanna do, who's gonna stop us?) I've listed my top five shows you should binge RIGHT NOW.

I coincidentally made a post like this nearly one year ago to the DAY & I'm proud to say I haven't double listed any shows. (obviously these first ones are good as well, & you may as well add them to your queue)

Top Five Shows To Binge RIGHT NOW!

1// The Bold Type
I've been talking about this show in maybe every post lately? It's just SO GOOD. & it desperately needs a season two! If you were a fan of the bond the PLL girls had, but hated the plot holes & pretty much everything else about the show, (maybe I'm just talking about me here) you'll love TBT. All the girl power & female friendship without the problematic things! Who knew a show like that could exist? You can watch it on the freeform app now!

2// This Is Us
Last year this is us was the show EVERYONE was talking about, and for good reason. If you're still on the fringe about it, I promise it's worth it. It's worth the tears & the feels. The entire cast (including the adorable kids who play Past Big Three) is incredible. Nobody outshines the other, they all just shine in their own way that makes the story beautiful. That's what an ensemble show should be.

Season two premieres the 26th, & in the meantime you can binge season one right here!

3// The Keepers (docu series)
I'm fascinated by true crime documentaries and The Keepers, about the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, is so interesting and kind of disturbing when you find out just how much the Catholic church covered up. Definitely worth the binge! You can watch on netflix.

4// Sex & The City
Maybe this shouldn't be on the list, since I'm only about three episodes in, but it's a quintessential show. I started it after my friend became appalled that I hadn't seen it & I'm so into fashion. (Carrie did have the looks!) Don't we all strive to be a modern day Carrie Bradshaw? You can watch free if you have amazon prime!

5// Jessica Jones
The past year or so I've gotten a bit more into Marvel, & while I haven't seen every show/ movie, Jessica Jones is a must-see. She's so badass & sarcastic & it's just a great show. WHERE IS SEASON TWO?? We need it. You can watch on netflix now!

What shows are you binging?



Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hey, ya babes!

It's the end of August, can you BELIEVE? It's time for another bits & baubles, this time on what I listened to, watched, and did.

There's A LOT going on right now, in the world & in life. I haven't really spoken about Houston, if only because I feel so helpless not knowing what to do. It's so strange, being in the same state that a natural disaster caused so much devastation in. Luckily, the Red Cross is still taking donations & any little bit helps. My heart always breaks for the pets in these situations & Miranda Lambert's rescue, MuttNation, is doing a lovely thing: they've made an amazon wishlist of supplies needed. More info is here.

Now on to something a bit more cheery: CLOTHES. I've decided to re-start up my poshmark again & really start dedicating some time to it. It's actually really fun styling the flatlays! If you wanna check out what's new, head to @kaeleenmichelle.

As I talked about in this post, I've been obsessed with the bold type. It's so feminist & modern & genuinely funny, plus the main girls are all AMAZING. The mid-season is nearly over, but you can catch up here!

As for music, let's talk about taylor. Y'all know I'm biased & she could literally sing a chinese take out menu & I'd be happy. But WOW. First, if you haven't heard the new song OR WATCHED THE VIDEO, do it now. When the song first came out I honestly didn't know what to think. I wanted to like it but it was so... different. But that's the whole point. & the amount of symbolism in the video! I just love art, & she's definitely an artist. Will you be getting her new album?

ALSO aly & aj are BACK & their single is so '80s inspired and I'm in love. 

Annnnd after writing this I've realized we've actually covered four topics... oh well. Twisted clickbait?

Tell me all about your month!



Monday, August 28, 2017

A Playlist For Sassy Boss Babes

If you've been feeling off your game, you're not alone! It's hard to be on it & motivated at all times. If only the power I feel on the two hour high I get after watching the bold type lasted 24/7!

BUT good news: while pouring some rose, donning the reddest of lipsticks & blasting sassy music may not solve everything, it sure does help, yes?

So here's a lil playlist to help get your groove back:

Boss Babe Playlist



Friday, August 25, 2017

Business casual might the hardest of the dress codes to get down, because there isn't one set definition. SO it's both fortunate & UNfortuante that it's becoming more & more common in the workplace.

What do we know about it? It's not casual casual. You shouldn't come walking in rocking Nikes or shorts. Skirts that hit a tad above the knee are good; any shorter & you're risking business casual judgement.

As for the rest of what we know, it's a little... hazy.

Luckily, I've put together what I've come to know as business casual, as it's my job of nearly three years' dress. Granted, it's retail, so the code can get a little lax at times. But these are the basics:

As I've said many times, a blazer can totally change up a look. They are a business casual must have because you can throw them on over anything and it becomes instant work appropriate. Fitted & simple is the best way to go on this one!
Flats are the perfect office-to-weekend shoe because of the versatility. There are literally hundreds of different styles, patterns, & comfort levels to choose from. When worn with leggings or a wide leg pant, they look extra special.
Dark jeans
Depending on your company, you might be allowed jean Fridays, or dress code might even include nice, dark jeans. (no holes or appliques!) Dark washes are my favorite because they look a bit more dressed up than the usual jean, & can be worn with graphic tees, blouses, etc
Leggings (not worn as pants)
Under normal circumstances I am ALL ABOUT leggings as pants, but when it comes to business causal dress, make sure your top is tunic length & blouse-y. YOGA PANTS DO NOT COUNT! Make sure the leggings look nice enough to wear underneath a cute top.
Wide leg, culotte, straight leg, patterned, solid, black, pastel, the possibilities are ENDLESS & there's really no question of whether it's dress code appropriate!
Obviously this is just scratching the surface, & there are so many contradicting articles and opinions that it can make your head spin if you're not careful! When in doubt, ASK.

Does the business casual code totally confuse you or are you ON IT? Let's chat.



Wednesday, August 23, 2017


If we're being honest, I've been feeling a tad overwhelmed lately & not myself. I read something that chalked it up to the eclipse & mercury being in retrograde, & I'm going with that because that seems simple, right? HA. 

Anyway, I'm trying go get back into my groove & I've got some fun posts coming up. But today we're talking a bit of interior inspo.. my pinterest has been in full swing lately because I'm moving house!! (maybe that has something to do with things? we'll just pretend moving is super simple) 

In a perfect world, this collage is what things would look like!

{images via, via, via, via, via, via}



Monday, August 21, 2017

It was a Friday night, and I was drowning my Friday night sorrows in a tub of icing. (Don't wrinkle your face in disgust, it's a delicious, incredibly unhealthy thing of magic) I was still in a post pretty little liars haze (although thanks to netflix it will never truly be over) & in desperate need of strong female friendships in media, and so it was then that I decided to delve into The Bold Type, a show everyone's been talking about.

It's loosely based on the life of Cosmopolitan's editor in chief, and follows three best friends who work for a women's magazine. It's only seven episodes into the season, but in those seven episodes I have laughed out loud, cried into the tub of icing, and become inspired and empowered to be more bold in the way I carry myself and my life.

Maybe that sounds dramatic, like this show is the be all end all of feminism. It isn't obviously, as media is created by humans, therefore it's going to be flawed. But we should definitely celebrate when it's diverse and beautiful, because it's a form of art. Art imitates life. 

This is an age of fighting for diversity, women's rights, and normalizing the fact that we can be interested in fashion and relationships and beauty while also being interested in politics and art and world issues- and doing it in heels. We need media that celebrates and supports that, because this is our life.

I for one want to leave a mark in this life, as I have a feeling you do as well. You can't do that if you play it safe, something I have to remind my anxiety-ridden brain of constantly. We as humans are deeply afraid of failure, of not being good enough and that's a trope we have to get rid of. 

Romanticize failure. It's going to happen, but what matters is what we do with it, how we grow. That, to me, is how we're bold.



Friday, August 18, 2017

When I say 'invest', I mean finding great pieces and still working with a budget. Usually when you hear the term 'investment piece,' it's designer, which I do love.

But the reality for most of us twenty (& thirty)-somethings is not designer. (unless it's thrifted, which I'm getting back into & might do a post on eventually) But for now, we're talking good budget pieces.

Call this an updated version of last year's style staples post? Maybe?


Wardrobe Pieces to Invest In: The BlazerWardrobe Pieces to Invest In: The Blazer
A good, fitted blazer is key to taking an outfit from okay to business chic in a pinch. I love things like a pinstripe detail on the cuffs for an added oomph! 

PRO TIP: Wanna turn a graphic tee into work ready? Throw on a blazer. BAM.

Wardrobe Pieces to Invest In: The Little Black DressWardrobe Pieces to Invest In: The Little Black Dress

The thing about little back dresses is there are about a thousand you can choose from. Right now, my pick is a black t shirt dress that can be worn super casual or super dressed up. (especially in autumn, can I get a boots & scarf hey oh)

Wardrobe Pieces to Invest In: The Button DownWardrobe Pieces to Invest In: The Button Down

Another versatile piece, this one is a wardrobe must have. A textured button down is a modern take on the white oxford that I'm loving! If invested in, this piece can be worn for ages. Timeless, no?

Wardrobe Pieces to Invest In: The CardiganWardrobe Pieces to Invest In: The Cardigan

Cardigans are always one of the top ten wardrobe essentials, in my opinion. Investing in at least two neutral cardis will change the way you look at your wardrobe. Seriously. Sounds dramatic, but the amount you can do with a simple layering piece is crazy! Throw it on top of a simple dress, tank, or even with a denim top. 

Wardrobe Pieces to Invest In: Designer Bag
Wardrobe Pieces to Invest In: Designer Bag

This is the only INVESTMENT investment piece on the list, as I believe every girl should own at least one designer bag in her lifetime. The key to this one is research: first decide which designer you want, then from there research the best bags from that designer, & the marketplaces to get the best bang for your buck.
& THERE IT IS, all my essentials to invest in (on a budget, of course) 

What are the pieces worth investing in to you?



Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fight Racism

If it seems like I make posts concerning a lot of the tragedies/evil that happens, it's probably because I do. I believe I have a duty as a blogger, Christ follower, & human to speak out on the issues that I'm passionate about.

White supremacy is somehow still a nasty reality in 2017 that we must take active steps to stop. Instead of fueling the hatred and the fighting, it's important we take a step back and look at how we can help. I consider myself a democrat, but beginning with the 2016 election & continuing with every political event, I kind of want to distance myself from political parties entirely. It's ridiculous and after watching this video I completely agree that they want us to hate each other.

Why do we let these things continue to happen? The evil and the hatred is like a vicious circle that only gets worse each go around.


// The Clueless Girl wrote an amazing post highlighting active ways to help victims of Charlottesville & challenging racism.

// Speak out. Do not be silent. BUT watch your words.

// If you don't know the big deal with neo-nazis & the state of our country, getting educated is the first place to start. Then, if you still don't see it, re-evaluate.  You need to see it.

"Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good."
-Romans 12:9



Monday, August 14, 2017

A Seven Day Style Challenge From With Dignity & Coffee

HEY BABES! Something I've been pondering on recently is getting out of your style comfort zone and taking chances. I don't even know what my 'comfort zone' is, I just know that I continue to grow bolder with my style choices, and after poking through a challenge Lauren Messiah recently did, I wondered what kind of challenge I could come up with.

Something to maybe inspire a little bit of creativity right from your closet and leave you feeling like the megababe you are. 

So, I give to you... the seven day WDAC instagram style challenge! Each day, starting Friday, August 18th, I'll be posting a look featuring that day's challenge, & I'm inviting you to do the same! All you have to do is go over the challenge, go through your closet, and ROCK IT. Use the hashtag #WDACStyleChallenge & I'll be featuring some of you on IG stories. 

The goal of this challenge is to get inspired with your wardrobe & have fun with it, because that's what style should be

Seven Day Style Challenge

So print this handy graphic out, tear through your closet and GET READY. This is gonna be fun!



Friday, August 11, 2017

How To Slow Down And Be Present

The other night during my mediation, the narrator (meditator?? guru?? whatever you want to call the lady on the app) talked about slowing down. She talked about how the rushed pace of life often times has us literally rushing through the day; hurrying through tasks, through the grocery store, through dinner.

This is especially true working retail. I find myself constantly in a rushed haze, trying to accomplish ten things at a time. But always hurrying through can start to take a toll on your mind, no? When I feel myself rushing, I've been actively working to physically slow down; my movements, my thoughts, everything.

It's a work in progress, (as are most things in life) but I believe making a conscious effort is always the first step. 

SLOW DOWN a little bit. It's okay if not everything gets accomplished or you have an off day. SLOW DOWN. Life is meant to be fully lived, not just spectated & just another thing to check off the list.

I'm constantly reminding myself to be present, as should we all. So, consider this your little reminder, from me.


Jeans & Dresses, Oh My

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to Style A Shirtdress
How to Style A Shirtdress
How to Style A Shirtdress

I've been trying to get as much wear out of pretty summer pieces as possible in these last precious months. I've showcased this OTS number awhile back, but now I've remixed it with some JEANS.

I know, a dress over jeans is so 2004, right? But on a shirtdress it tends to flow a bit better. It's an interesting combination that definitely strays from your normal jean wear.

This is what I love about a shirtdress; the endless styling options & the way a simple change up can transform the whole look.

If you've been itching to get out of your comfort zone, pop on a pair of jeans over one of these babies. You know you want to.

shirtdress | f21 (similar here)
wedges | target (similar here)
earrings | francesca's 
watch | target



Monday, August 7, 2017

Under $50 Fashion Finds

HEY YA BABES! Coming at ya today with a few things you miight wanna add to your wardrobe like, asap. I'm LIVING for the end of summer vibes we've got going (mostly because I thrive in autumn, anyone else??)

& luckily here in the south we can squeeze cropped, off the shoulder, & tanks in just a little bit longer! The stripes on this tie waist top are SO CHIC, and I adore the red color of this layered dress.

I'm already drooling over cosy sweaters and this ribbed knit from f21 looks so gorgeous I've ordered it in both the burgundy & blush! Cardigans are an autumn staple, & a good cream color goes with everything.

Happy shopping!




Friday, August 4, 2017

Getting a good night's sleep is key for so many things: our immune system, mood, & overall happiness. But the whole getting the sleep is way easier said than done, yes? 

It's taken me a loooong time to establish somewhat of a routine, & it's still not perfect by any means. Some nights I'm naughty & use my phone in bed, or stay up til 1am netflixing.

BUT I've noticed that doing that leaves me waking up feeling less than refreshed, (who would've thought??) whereas having a good pre-sleep ritual winds me down & makes for a good night's rest.

No, not of wine. (although I don't discourage a little glass of rose) I'm trying to drink more tea in the daytime, but tea to help wind you down at night is definitely a must-have. 

Sleepytime is my favorite- it's decaf, minty tasting, and kinda makes you feel like you've wrapped yourself in a nice warm blanket.

Our skin likes routine as much as the rest of us does, and sticking to a good nighttime regimen helps signal the brain it's time for sleep, My evening essential is definitely a toning spritz!

In order for our mind + body to recognize it's sleep time, it's helpful to set the mood for sleep. Mood lighting & candles are two of my favorite ways, as well as playing some soothing music. (here's a couple spotify playlists I love) 

I also always turn on my oil diffuser & let the lavender flow. You can make your own essential oil 'cocktail' if it suits you, just make sure the oils are soothing & sleep inducing!

My routine once I'm actually in bed includes doing my devotionals, (there are SO MANY on the bible app) journaling, and sometimes I'll catch up on my current read

If you've got a busy schedule, sometimes before bed is the only time for reading & you should take advantage of it!

If I'm being honest, I haven't been as consistent with meditating lately, but when I actually be still & do it I remember why I love it!

Ending your day with gratitude and positive thoughts is incredibly grounding & I can tell you, helps put you right into sleep.

What do you do for a good night's sleep?



Wednesday, August 2, 2017

TIME TO WORD VOMIT. The rise of blogging as a business in the past couple of years has been insane, mostly for the good. I see bloggers being featured in magazines, in commercials, & taking a stand for what they believe in... and that's amazing. We're not just bloggers anymore, we're influencers. 

Kinda cool, right? 

But like the Spiderman quotes goes, with great power comes great responsibility

It's our responsibility as bloggers, (& if you're not a blogger, as a human) to be a good person, and to use social media wisely. You know in mean girls when cady is comparing high school to the depths of the jungle, wild animals ready to pounce at any moment?

That's what the internet feels like sometimes.

Complaint after complaint, tear down after tear down. 

You know I don't stay silent when I see injustices happening (hence this post) but I'm talking about things like political injustices, police brutality, people treating others inhumanely... not defaming somebody when they do something trivial you didn't like. That's not what we should be focusing on.

I talk a lot about energy, & using your platform to tear down is negative on so many levels and a total energy sucker. Who even has the time to spend focusing on negativity? Maybe me talking about being a negative nancy is making me a negative nancy, who knows.

But I think you should want to strive to be a light, don't you? 

I'm blindly optimistic, sue me.



Monday, July 31, 2017

Oh hey, hi babes! August is looming down on us & although it's still approximately 5000 degrees in the south, I'm already eyeing autumnal themed candles & big sweaters.


I was poking through The Anna Edit & was inspired by her roundup of personal highlights at the end of each month. This won't be exactly that, but I thought it'd be fun to chat with you about things that happened, I bought, watched, etc.

So, first things first, I guess I should address the little facelift going on here. It's been a hot minute since I updated the design & thought it was time. The design is from Hello Manhattan and I absolutely adore the simplicity! If you have a look at the sidebar you'll see I've added a food category.. I'm not turning into a food blog by any means, but I have been getting bit by the baking bug & want to start sharing more goodies.

Which brings me to... BAKING. I've been baking. Actual things. It may not seem like much, but for me it's an accomplishment, HA. I even bought the e-book version of Chrissy Teigen's cookbook (mostly because I wish I was her) and I'm SO READY. What are your recipe go-tos? I'm looking for any recs!

As for netflix, something you should know about me is I'm super into documentaries, (especially true crime) and I've been watching The Keepers, about the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik & the general shadiness of the Catholic church. It's extremely interesting- albeit disturbing- and I fully believe she was killed because she knew too much.

What are your three things?

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